StrongStart It is a place where children aged 3-5 (and younger too!) with their parents/guardians can play and learn in a literacy and play enriched environment.  StrongStart is a part of the school in that they use the gym, library and other facilities and often join us for assemblies.  The program runs from 9:00 – 12:00 Monday to Friday.


Pineridge School shares an Activities Coordinator with other schools in the District.  The program is run two days per week from 2:00pm – 7:00pm.  Students sign up for a variety of after school activities.  The intent is for students to become more involved in community and other activities.


Pineridge School has access to the District’s lunch program.  Each month students will receive a menu in which they fill out and return (with a parent signature).  The lunch forms are deposited in the grey metal box beside the juice machine.  Lunches are then delivered daily to the school, and delivered to the students’ classes.


Pineridge School uses the Restitution philosophy for supporting students in making choices and thinking about the person they want to be.  We believe it’s ok to make a mistake but that it’s important to fix our mistake.  Restitutions supports the development of student control over their actions, and works nicely with the Zones of Regulation.  All classes at Pineridge have received instruction in the Zones and we will continue to support students’ development in self-regulation.

Restitution and the Zones will be addressed at assemblies and in the announcements.

RAISE (Reading, Assessment, Intervention and Systematic Evaluation)

RAISE is a locally developed program aimed at supporting students with more intensive instruction.  It involves targeting instruction based on the students needs in terms of phonemic and phonological awareness.  Binders have been developed full of activities that promote these skills.  These skills are taught in a sequence with an expectation of automaticity and 90% accuracy.  Binders are available for sign out from the Library.


As seen from our report card data and benchmark assessments, many of our students need intensive support in developing their literacy skills.  We would like to use a literacy block to support that intensive and small group literacy development.  Both teacher information and assessments will be used in determining groups.  Assessments will be on-going and groups will be fluid and change according to need.  The literacy block will be used to support both primary and intermediate students.


The Westview Child Care Centre is operating a Before and After School Program in the StrongStart room.  Hours are from 7 am – 9 am and 2:45 – 6 pm.


Pineridge School facilitates Parents as Literacy Support (PALS) sessions in the Kindergarten classes, Parents of Primary Students (POPS) sessions in the primary grades, a Ready, Set, Learn session for three/four year old children, and a Welcome to Kindergarten (WTK) session for our Kindergarten children and families coming in the next school year.


Pineridge students and staff have been involved with other contests/fairs such as the Bridge Building, Mathematica Centrum contest, and the Heritage Fair.  Our students have done very well in these competitions!