Chocolate Lily Award Book: The Bunny Band


The books and I miss you! So let’s keep reading on Flip Grid. Mrs. Kellough & Miss Madill are showing me how.

Before spring break, we were sharing the 7 2020 Chocolate Lily Picture Books…. so lets continued so we can vote on our favorite with the rest of students in B.C.

Please click on the link with your grade level K-2 or 3-5 below to hear me read the next book entitled The Bunny Band by Bill Richardson. I will continue to read the Chocolate Lily books during the next few weeks.

To sign in to FlipGrid, you need a password. Your unique password is the first 3 letters of your first name, with the first 3 letters of your last name and your grade number (or the letter k if you are in Kindergarten). If you have two last names, it is the first 3 letters of your first last name that is used. If you have a 2 letter first name, use the first 2 letters only.

If you have trouble signing in, please let your teacher know and we will assist you.

Example: George Books in Grade 1=geoboo1

Example: Sally Reader in Kindergarten= salreak

For Grades K-2 The link is: 

For Grades 3-5 The link is:

Thanks everyone!

Ms. Boyle 🙂


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